Monday, March 12, 2012

Sun is shining

So a quick update from the weekend. Saturday I dragged my butt to the pool, incredible how many times my brain can try to derail me during a 10 min drive, but I came out victorious and got in a 2800m swim session.

When I read what i just wrote it sounds like I am not at all happy with my training, but that is really not the fact. It is kinda hard to explain, but if I fall out of training in some way, my brain just starts working against me finding reasons to push the workouts to the next day etc and thus the evil circle has begun... The fact is that as soon as I get to the pool I absolutely love it. I love the feeling of being able to glide through the water, feeling strong and somewhat graceful. I love the feeling you get during a run or outdoor bike ride when your legs just does their thing, your mind can wander, and you almost feel like singing along to the music on your ipod. Spin class is an entirely different thing. I am never going to enjoy indoor training that much, and doing a spin class all I pretty much do is stare at the clock and think about how much I hate it. Luckily I will be home with my road bike in two weeks, and I really can't wait to get on the road.

Anyhow during the swim on Saturday my googles decided to go on strike and take in water on the one eye, great way to practice holding your breath for one stroke longer, but impossible to do flip turns, and then the 25 yard pool suddenly seem very short. So got home and ordered two new pairs online, hopefully they will be here in a few days.
Speaking of equipment, I kinda had to take advantage of my last few days in the US so I just ordered my first wet suit, along with a few triathlon shirts and tights. Unfortunately they will not be here before sometime next week, but then I guess I have something to look forward to.

I had planned to do an easy run on sunday, but due to the outcome of my last run I kept second guessing myself, and therefor never got around to it. I was seriously scared of going out, because I still remember the feeling of having my knee collapse under me last year, it's completely irrational. Anyways woke up to a beautiful day today, with 25 degrees Celcius outside, and sunshine, the summer definitely came to St Louis. So I skipped my planned spin class this evening and went for a run. I had planned to just do 7km (5 miles) at a nice and easy pace, and the see how it goes. But since my angle didn't bother me at all when I was half way I took the chance and kept going. Ended up doing 10.5km (7miles) without having any ankle or knee pain.

The Schedule for the week is:
Tuesday: Swim 2300m , 1 hour spin class
Wednesday: Run 7-9.5km
Thursday: Swim 2200m , 1 hour spin class
Friday: 1 hour Spin Class , Run 4 miles
Saturday: Swim 3800m
Sunday: Run 16km (depending on how the ankle and knee feels)

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