Monday, March 26, 2012


So I am back in Denmark after a loooong travel and am getting really psyched about getting my bike out in the morning. As promised I spend some of the travel time reading "The Triathlete's guide to mental training". I am still not done with it, and will have to go through some of the chapters again when I wan't to work more on those areas but one of the things that the book had a chapter on was goal setting. So I figured, a good beginning would be to write out my triathlon goals:

Long-Term (Ultimate triathlon goal)
My long term goal is to continue to show improvement in my overall fitness and body composition, and to see a general time improvement.

Yearly (Performance and ranking goals for the year)
To complete the Challenge Copenhagen ironman distance.

Race (Goals for specific races)
Jels half ironman (16.6.12) in a time below 6 hours and 30 minutes. This would be 2 min/100 m swim, 25km/h bike, and 5.30 min/km run.

Challenge Copenhagen (12.08.12) under the time limit.

Training (goals for all aspects of preparation)

  1. Open Water swimming: Method: 2 times a month in open water
  2. TT - position Method: Get aerobars mounted on bike no later than may or buy a triathlon bike.
  3. Fuelling Method: Start carrying gels on anything longer than two hours + experiment with different solutions.
  1. Endurance Method: One long ride/bike/swim pr week, follow schedule more religiously.
  2. Body Composition Method: Reach 58kg
  3. Flexibility Method: Stretch after each run and bike
  1. Motivation Method: Evaluate each training session, how it felt, what I accomplished, how it got me closer to my goal. Method: Ask myself the following questions: What do I have to do today to become the best triathlete I can be? Did I do everything I could possibly do today to become a better triathlete?
  2. Mental toughness Method: Practice using positive talk before, during and after training.
  3. Visualisation Method Visualize the next days training before going to bed at night.
  1. Implement Paleo Diet Method Make a meal plan for the week every saturday, stock up on sweet potatoes and easy meats, follow the guidelines from Amy.
  2. Sleep 7-8 hours Method Go to bed at 22.00 on week days, and get up at the same time every day
This was quite a handfull, and I don't expect it all to go smoothly from day one, but nice to know what I would like to accomplish.

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