Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reverse brick

For once I was so so happy that I have the opportunity to train indoor. Had a really difficult time falling asleep last night, so when the alarm clock rang I figured I would be better off getting some sleep. I know I know, thats how my mind normally gets me of the path, but this time I knew that missing the workout would mean that I had to make it up in the afternoon - NO EXCUSES. And I was ok with that.

So apparently the rain from last night wasn't enough to get rid of the heat/humidity, and as I drove to the gym this evening, I could see the lightening in the horizon. In that moment it is great to be able to train indoor and not have to worry about it.

Did a 60 minute spin class, following a program sent to me by my coach (see below), felt great, strong legs even though my heart rate was pretty high due to the heat and bad air conditioning.
Immediately after the bike I changed into my swimsuit and did 2200m in the pool. It was so great to get in the water to cool down, and I felt pretty good considering I had gone pretty hard at it on the bike. So this was a reverse brick I guess, I will probably be doing this most days next week since I'm planning on selling my car this weekend, and don't really want to have to go to the gym via metro twice in the day.

And now I can just relax and enjoy the thunderstorm, from my bed at my window - nature can be pretty magnificent.

Bike workout:
5 min warmup
6*1.30 Very Hard / 3min recovery
8*2 min hard / 1min recovery
4 min easy

Swim Workout:
400m warmup
300, 200, 100 pull
12*100 on base, with 45 sec break after every 4.

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