Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being followed by rain clouds...

So today was a very long day, another twice a day of workout fun. Got up at 5am to bike 30km to the pool. Got a bit lost on the way - should definitely not be allowed to leave the house without satellite surveillance - so was a bit late and only had time for a 2km swim. After the swim I had a 10km ride to work, and the I had a 30km ride home at the end of the work day. Pretty much had blue skies to the left, right and behind me, while the ones above me weren't that nice. So had some very fun 20 km in pouring rain.

I didn't eat until I got to work, which was no problem at all since my body was pretty much still asleep and not really going into morning mode. At work I had a omelet muffin and two bananas for breakfast. Then 2 pieces of fruit before lunch where I had the leftovers from yesterday. After lunch I had some trail mix and that kept me going until I got home. My pre workout meal was one more omelet and a banana. For dinner today the plan said chili and roasted beans, which was pretty fantastic considering how cold I was after the bike ride. I normally don't have the patience to let my chili cook for very long, but since the recipe called for an hour of simmering I figured I should actually try following it. Great choise, this is definitely the best chili I have ever made, even though that might not really say much. The roasted beans are the same as I made a few days ago, but they are so good and so easy to make that they will definitely show up as a side very often.

Once again I have made enough to have for lunch and dinner tomorrow, making the day a bit easier.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday tiredness

So didn't post anything yesterday because I didn't cook anything at all. I had so much work that needed to be done by Monday so I just ate whatever leftover I could find in the fridge. I still got two small workouts in which was great, a 30 min yoga dvd that is seriously kicking my ass and a 7km run in a nice and easy pase. I'm trying out the whole yoga thing to see if it will help with my back problems. I have even gone to such drastic measures as to start stretching after a workout, which my patience was never really up to before.

Today was a twice a day'er, meaning I took the bike to work and home again. I pretty much just stumble out of bed and into my biking gear and then I do the 30km drive on an empty stomach. I really don't have a problem with doing morning workouts on an empty stomach since I'm normally out so early that I'm not really hungry yet.
After the workout I eat an banana and some chicken pretty much straight of the bike to aid in restitution. The rest of the day an apple, an orange, a salad with chicken and some trail mix to keep the energy going, and then a banana an hour before my bike ride home. This was fine to keep me going through the 50km hill workout that was planned. After the workout I had a banana to get e few carbohydrates in while making dinner: Chez Lorraine's Baked Salmon with a side salad made of spinach, tomatoes, avocado, unions and apple with a homemade oil/vinegar dressing. Made a double portion to bring to work tomorrow.

While the salmon was in the oven I made a batch of omelet muffins to bring for breakfast on the days where I'm training early in the morning and going straight to work afterward.

So right now I'm going to enjoy a few hours on the couch with a very good conscience.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


So this ended up being my day of from training due to a bunch of work. Most of the day went well still but had fell into the sugar craving in the evening and had an ice cream. Nothing to do about that now but to get right back on track tomorrow. So I guess I managed almost 4 days on track - damn my lack of a spine - but from tomorrow I'm going to beat that - that's the goal.

Anyway still had some great dishes during the day.
Breakfast was sausage stir fry which was a really quick and easy recipe that will come in handy during the week.

Lunch/dinner was paleo style chicken alfredo with roasted green beans. I use squash instead of the noodles mentioned - mostly because I had absolutely no idea what they were but also I actually really like using squash as a substitue since it tastes great and gives me an extra dose of greens. The picture might not look all that inviting, but I guarantee you it was so so good. I'm already looking foreward to having it for lunch tomorrow.

Try it out folks!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fridays results

So this is definitely going to be the last post today, but I figured I should post how the day had gone.

Breakfast: Omelet Muffin (picture at a later time)
Snack: Pear + plum
Lunch: Spicy tuna salad with Chinese style broccoli (picture below)
Excercise: Run 11km
Snack: Banana + chicken lunch meat
Dinner: At a friends - chicken plus a salad and then fruit for dessert with a little chocolate

This was my lunch at work today. Had made the salad Wednesday night and ate it for dinner yesterday and the lunch today. The broccoli are just mixed with 1 tablespoon olive oil, 2 tablespoons soya sauce, 2 minced garlic gloves, a few drops of fish sauce and a tablespoon of citrus juice. I often make a small batch of these and store them in the fridge for easy snacking since they are really great cold as well as hot. Wednesday night I also made 3 servings of the omelet muffin since they are great as a breakfast on the days that I'm in a hurry or have to train early and eat breakfast at work afterward.

Had a really tough run due to the heat, but even though I felt crappy and slow I still ran faster than I normally do. Don't know why but this is a tendency I have noticed a few times in hot weather.

So this was day 3 on this diet, and so far I really don't miss my carbs or sugar, normally this would be the day where I would give in and buy an ice cream since it would be all I could think about. Also my workouts are not suffering but I guess it might be to early to say anything about that. Lets see if tomorrow will bring suffering!

A small taste of whats in store

So as promised in the post before I'll try to post what I eat without being completely meticulous. Since I have already done two days of eating like this by following a meal plan from www.paleoplan.com. I'm trying out their sample week to see how easy it is to incorporate when using the metric system, and since the sample week is made for February the dishes might be a bit wintry. I will just show you a few dishes.

At breakfast one day I had a shrimp omelet with avocado/tomato salsa and asparagus.

For dinner I had a steak with pineapple salsa and leftover salsa from breakfast.

Well just some inspiration for you guys out there!

Hi there

So this is a bit late into the season, but I kinda figured that the better late than never thing would work well as an excuse. I'm planning on doing a half ironman on the 29th of August, if everything goes as planned, which it actually isn't right now do to some back problems that I can hopefully get under control with some massage treatment and alot of stretching.

I'm not thin as a beanstalk, I'm not fast and I'm actually not crazy - I just love working out. And the fantastic thing about triathlon is that it combines 3 great sports so you don't have to do the same thing day after day.

Up until now the training has actually gone ok, but due to a crappy spring in Denmark my biking is rather weak. This hit me big time when I actually did the bike course a few weeks back. The HIM is held in a very hilly part of Denmark (yeah I know Denmark is flat as a board but when your not used to anything else a few hills can still knock the breath out of you). So the course was tough, not impossible but still I'm contemplating if I'll spend to much time on the bike to finish in the allowed time frame of 7.5 hour. This is not going to stop med though, if I'm not injured when the time comes I'll do it anyway just to say to myself that I have done it.

But the trial ride was an eye opener. So I have changed my plans a bit to include hill intervals on most of my bike rides, do more long runs, and improve my brick workouts (bike followed by running). Also since I'm not a thin as a stick due to very bad eating habits, I'm going to do a modified Paleo to shed a few pounds which should make my running faster and easier.

When I was looking around for inspiration on the diet part I was missing something about what people were eating during the day to still have enough energy to train etc, so I figured I would be the one to do that - or at least try!!!