Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First outside bike ride

So I have been dreading this day for a while, since my bike training (and overall training) hasn't been great. I was sure I would pay for it on my first ride with a slow pace and tired legs. And the day definitely started out that way. Was in a bit of a hurry to get out since I had a drive to Copenhagen afterwards, and had to be there to meet a friend of mine to get her keys. And as always when your in a hurry everything goes wrong:

Spend 10 minutes looking for my gloves since i was sure it would be to cold for bare hands (it's Denmark after all), never found them but figured my running jacket had long enough sleeves to make do. Then I spend 10 minutes looking for my ipod, never found it so had to use my iphone and some old earplugs. Finally I was ready to leave, and then the zipper broke on my jacket. I was ready to give up bu then, figuring I would probably have a flat tire when I got out on the road. But the weather was beautiful so I figured I could always turn around if it got too cold.

Got out on the road and did the workout my coach gave me. Has such a blast, and kept a much higher pace than I thought I could keeping an average pave of 28km/h (18.5mph). as I posted in my GOALS post I wanted to work on positive thoughts/self talk, and I actually thought about this during the ride, but I honestly don't think I had any negative thoughts. Sure there were times when my legs hurt during the intervals but I was having such a great time, and working on getting as much out of my intervals as possible, that i didn't put much extra thought into that.

So today was definitely a great day for my confidence on the bike, gave me a great start to the outdoor season, and made me look forward to the next ride. Also it made me wan't to really improve my biking, would be great to have an average speed of 28-30km/h on a normal ride.

Got on the scale today and that was not so great. 65kg. I am not going to get myself down because of that, that is where I am now, and that is just a starting point. Should be able to get down to 61kg before Jels half ironman on June 16th. I will do my best to do paleo this week, but since I am staying at a friends house I am not going to beat myself up about it too much. The only thing I am going to be strict about is not consuming any Gluten.

Bike workout (45km - 1h 35min):
15 min warmup
8*1 min hard / 2 min easy
10*2 min hard / 1 min easy
Fast pace the rest of the way

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