Sunday, March 18, 2012

One step closer to departure

So this weekend didn't go to well. I was supposed to do a spin class and a 4 mile run on friday and a 3800m swim on saturday which I didn't. Friday I ended up selling the car and once it was gone we had a massive thunder storm which really didn't make it easy to drag myself to the gym. In an attempt to make up for it I figured I would do a long run saturday and do my swim afterwards, but it was so hot and humid that I couldn't drag myself out the door, and then another massive thunderstorm hit.

I know I know it's a crappy excuse, and one which I have to throw away now since they promise crappy weather all week and I really can't take a week of because of a little rain.

Today I did a 16km (10 mile) run which started out crappy due to having eaten a sandwich and a cookie for lunch. Yep my stomach definitely wanted to punish me, making me look like I was 4 months pregnant. So I got out, and my stomach hurt so I figured I would just do a short loop and then go home, a little being better than nothing. But once I was pretty much home I figured that as long as I could run and didn't feel sick I might as well go as far as I could. Which ended up being 16 km. Bit of stiffness in my ankle on the last few miles, but no knee pain at all. So so happy I got that run done.

As for the rest of the week heres the plan:
Monday: Spin class followed by 2500m swim
Tuesday: 10.5 km easy run
Wednesday: Spin class followed by 2500m swim
Thursday: 10.5 km easy run
Friday: Spin Class followed by 2600m swim
Saturday: 19 km easy run
Sunday: Travel back to DK

Also I am planning on being somewhat paleo all week, but modified to allow subway salads etc since I probably won't have much of a chance to go to the store.

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