Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great Day

So the whole paleo/primal way of living is not just a food/nutrition kinda deal, but rather an entire lifestyle. Now, I'm pretty sure the cavemen didn't do triathlons, they were way to busy waiting for the wheel to be invented. Actually endurance training is not recommended in general because our body is just not made to do this type of exercise, but if you absolutely have to go run a marathon or something like that, paleo/primal is still the way to go with a few modification. More importantly (with regards to todays training) paleo/primal advocates getting enough sleep, and we are talking at least 7-8 hours when we are talking about enough.

I have always been a bad sleeper. I find it difficult to fall asleep, normally takes me more than 1 hour after I turn the lights off, I wake up from the smallest sound, such as a spider walking across the floor (or was that a nightmare???) and I don't normally sleep longer than 8-9 if my alarm is turned off. But I have really tried to change that since new years. Turning the lights and the computer off at 10pm, drinking natural calm and getting up at the same time most mornings. And for the longest time it really worked. I slept so well, had no problem getting up in the morning for my workouts, and in return no problem falling asleep in the evening. Then I kinda fell out of it these last few weeks. So I am going to get back at it and get to bed at a reasonable time.

Anyhow last night i wen't to bed at 11 and didn't fall asleep until 1 or 2 am. So when the alarm clock rang at 5.30 am I was kinda groggy. My first thought was that I had made a mistake and that it had to be Sunday... such a nice thought... Then I remembered last nights run and that it was actually Tuesday so I pushed snooze (because an extra 9 minutes would make a difference right?). I laid there for 1 minutes and then figured this was stupid, and that I might as well get going. So I dragged myself to the pool and was in the water for a 2300m session at 6am, and it felt great. I really like swimming in the morning since it feels somewhat easier than running or spinning, and it's a nice way to wake up.

I missed the spin class in the evening, but vent to the gym and did a 53min workout provided by my trainer. At the moment the temperatures have risen quite a lot here in St Louis and my gym does not have great air conditioning, so I was sweating buckets. Felt so great after the workout, such a fantastic feeling to be able to suck it up and get something that boring over with. It's going to be great going outside. I have had a little pinching feeling on the back of my knee, but I am hoping it will be gone by tomorrow so that I can go for a run. If not I'll have to do another spin class and the do the run Thursday.

Well I'm off to fix a class of Natural Calm so that I can keep my promises... Sleep tight!

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