Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year - More Cooking

Okay so I am back... I just watched Julie and Julia, and the really inspired me to want to try something similar - mostly because I need to just try things off to increase the amount of dishes
I can make and make well... So in order to do this I decided to try and make it my thing to get through most of Make it Paleo in the new year (except for the ones calling for utensils and ingredient that I am not able to find in Denmark) - already did some of the dishes but there is no harm in doing them again...

Okay so I kinda cheated and started today already - I have poached an egg, and I succeeded in my second try - how enormously cool is that???

The dish was called Eggs Paleo, and is a modified version of Eggs Benedict - which I have never tried, so actually have nothing to compare to. This version is basically a poached egg (Hurray) on top of a tomato, with an avocado sauce and bacon sprinkles (double hurray).  

I apologize for the picture, but at the moment it is just iphone pictures - and I guess mostly just for me. I really liked the poached egg, and the dish in general, would probably use a little less lemon in the avocado sauce, but that is just my taste I guess. Also next time I would like to try poaching in broth to see if that would give more taste to the egg...

I am not quite sure about the copyright stuff, so for now I am just using this as a journal sort of thing to keep my self up to my promise. 

Oh and I am once again training for the ironman, so there will probably be a bit of that here and there as well... 

Happy New Years Everyone - I hope your resolutions are as delicious as mine :-)

1 down ? to go