Friday, March 09, 2012

Hybris anyone?

So I was so psyched about getting back on track yesterday and as I wrote in my update I did manage to get my but off the couch and go for a run. Definitely felt a bit of soreness in my ankle afterwards, but went to bed with the best intentions of getting to spin class in the morning.

Come morning and both my half excuses turned into whole ones. My ankle was sore, which in itself wouldn't be enough to cancel spin class, but whats worse is that my knee is hurting when I stretch it. So I ended up doing nothing today, hopefully it will be better in the morning. I was thinking the problem might be that my arch is becoming flat. I did a quick cunsultation with Dr. Google and thats what he came up with. I am going back to Denmark in a few weeks and will get someone to look at it. If this is the problem it should be easily fixable with some sort of soles in my running shoes. Until I get a chance to have it looked at I will try and see if I can tape it up to create some sort of support. Anyhow the ankle really isn't a problem, since I definitely won't be running until my knee is okay again.

Yes I know I'm whining, but I promised myself that I would be honest from now on so here it goes. Today was a crappy day, felt sorry for myself and ended up eating ice cream for dinner, which in the long run is never going to help my knees or any other part of me. I am going to try and be positive about this and use the running break to work on my diet and just get a bunch of spin classes and swim workouts done. It will also give me a chance to get a bunch done at work before I leave in a few weeks...

So yes I'm working on getting the title of little miss sunshine. If my knee is not too bad in the morning I will go to the gym and get in a swim workout.

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