Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mental training

So wen't to bed at 9.30 pm yesterday and slept until 7 am, such a great feeling knowing the alarm is not going to go off and you can just seep until your body tells you to get up.
Woke up with pretty heavy legs, which is to be expected since I really didn't eat enough yesterday so didn't really give them a chance to restitute. Definitely felt that during todays run. Heavy legs for about half the run but that gave me a chance to practice the mental aspect of it. Just kept repeating that this was good for me to experience and to take it all in.

Definitely need to work on the mental aspect of my training, since that will be half if not more of the battle come raceday. I have a book about it that I guess I could bring on the flight home, will keep you updated on how that goes as I get on with it.

Did 10.5 km without any ankle or knee pain, but feeling really hot and tired - Looking forward to having a full fridge again, Subway salads gets a bit boring in the long run!

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