Thursday, March 29, 2012

Long run

So after a day of doing nothing I was so ready to get outside. Since the winds have been pretty tough the last couple of days I decided to go for a run and see how the ankle was doing. Figured I could do 10km and then just keep going if I felt ok. I ended up doing 16.5km without problems, except for some really tired legs. I Didn't really eat anything before going out at 2pm so I am pretty sure I was just running on low. Grabbed a smoothie from a local store and then I went to the pool for a swim workout. Definitely felt the run in both my arms (strange) and legs (not so strange) but it was good getting in the water and getting rid of a little tension.

Swim Workout:
400 warm up
200, 100, 200 pull
3*100 on base
2*200 on base
700 steady

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