Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Primal Blueprint 30day challenge

So it's been a while since my last post but life just seem to get in the way. As I mentioned last week I am doing the primal blueprint 30 day challenge which started Monday. I actually meant to start a week early and that also went pretty well until I got hit by a car biking home from the movies Saturday (probably not a primal kinda guy ;-)) So even though nothing happened Saturday and Sunday was spend feeling like I had been hit by a mammoth and feeling pretty sorry for my self.

So after a weekend of not so clean eating I got back on track Monday ready to do the challenge. So far it is going pretty well, the eating part is so easy as long as you plan ahead and do the shopping to last a few nights. Due to soreness and stiffness I haven't done any exercise, but today I feel so much better so I'm looking forward to a nice and easy run this evening.

Yesterday I did IMF and then I had Pepper steak with salsa salad . The combination of the warm meat and bell pepper combined with the cold shredded carrots was very interesting and surprisingly good, and any salsa kind of salad is so mych better than just a green side salad. Lunch today will be the left overs from yesterday, nice and easy.

I am definitely very psyched to continue this challenge and apologise to all the friends that I'm driving crazy talking about this.

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