Friday, September 10, 2010


So today my local store had sushi stuff on sale so I just had to try making it almost paleo style. The recipe is pretty simpel, and since I'm not a sushi chef probably all wrong but here it comes.

Boil and mash one cauliflower head in salted water and mash it with a TS of butter. Add a bit of rice vinegar until you get that sweet sushi rice taste, and put it in the fridge until it gets cold. Take 1 piece of toasted nori and place it on a sushi mat covered in plastic film. Add the "rice" to the nori in a thin layer leaving out app 2cm in the top for closing. Add your choice of filling I used salmon and avocado in these, but anything pretty much goes. When your done rolling the seal the film tightly around the roll place it in your freezer for 10 min to make the cutting easier. Voila.
You can find tons of guides on how to do the rolling online just google it. They tasted really great, so this is definitely not the last time I'll try this, next time I'll probably use some more interesting filling, but didn't want to waste it if it didn't work with the cauliflower. One small head would make app 18 rolls (3 nori pieces).

Cauliflower Sushi!

A few days ago I made Red Snapper Azteca. only I used whatever white fish was available at the grocery store.

The same evening I got a new toy. In Denmark we have two really funny TV-chefs that have an ongoing competition concerning who has the most electrical tools, and I'm seriously giving them a run for their money. My biggest problem is that I have like 2 square meters of kitchen, so the many things I can't live without are kinda crowding the space (funny how the same thing goes for shoes and clothes). Anyway I got me a crockpot (slow cooker) which I had to buy from the UK since no danish stores have something like this. So now I am really looking forward to trying it out next week.

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