Monday, August 30, 2010

Gingery Broccoli & Beef

So back from vacational eating which definitely did not go as planned. All the bad food just kinda threw itself at my every time I entered my parents kitchen making it very very difficult to escape. But whats done is done so yesterday I got back on track by pretty much never entering the evil kitchen between breakfast and dinner. My parents actually make it really easy to eat primal since they always make some great meat, lots of vegetables, a salad and then potatoes or bread on the side, so the bad eating is all on me. Today I went home to my own apartment and the first thing I did was to go grocery shopping to fill up the fridge with vegetables, fruit and meat. Now I'm seriously armed to do this whole primal challenge thing. Speaking off apparently Marks Daily Apple is having a challenge starting September 7th (I thought it was august) so even though I have made a head start, I might actually sign up on the site, just to be a bit more accountable...

Today has been okay as far as the eating thing goes, I have been doing okay, though probably a bit too heavy on the fruit and almonds. I'll definitely try to limit that in the next few days. For dinner today I made Gingery Broccoli & Beef. It is funny how a vegetable that I never really cared for can become a favorite just because you start preparing it differently.

I had prepared to go for a short sprint workout this evening, to get more primal stuff into my workout schedule but I didn't feel to great this evening so just stayed inside relaxing. I'll try to get the run done in the morning before work to get a great start to the day.

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