Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Planning ahead

So this weekend I got to thinking about how to make this way of living as easy (and cheap) as possible. As my headline says it's all about planning ahead.

Meal Plans:
As I have mentioned earlier I have a subscription to www.paleoplan.com which does a lot of this for me. They send me a weekly meal plan and shopping list. But even if you don't feel like paying for this the idea is still great. Sit down on Sunday and plan what your going to eat for the next week. I would suggest planning the dinners and then just bringing left overs for lunch the next day. That way you won't end up with a lot of leftovers, and also there is no additional prepping for next days lunch.
Also If you make the plan yourself take into consideration what your vegetable situation is, and plan a few things to clean out your fridge.

So having made a plan to last the week your pretty much good to go, until something gets in the way (and it always does). In that case it's great to know what the fast food options in you neighbourhood is. I know a few great places where I can get a delicious salad, an oven roasted chicken or if everything else fails a frozen primal/paleo approved dinner. If you know your options your much less likely to just go for the wrong solution.

I'm not a big morning person, and therefore always end up prioritising 15 minutes of sleep instead of making the usual scrambled eggs. Therefore I will spend a little time Sunday to make a batch of omelette muffins or breakfast muffins (See previous posts). That way I can pretty much just roll out of bed and go straight to work, and then just eat breakfast when I get hungry.

Sunday I will also rice a cauliflower so that it's ready to for stir fry rice or pizza. Chop a bunch of mushrooms, onions, red peppers etc and store them in zip lock bags for a quick breakfast (if I get up in time), snack or to make the dinner preparation easier.

Since my work place have a fruit arrangement I normally just eat a few pieces as snacks during the day. But I'll normally have some trail mix at my desk just in case I get a bit hungry. Also I very often bring a few pieces of coconut chicken (I'll show some pictures in my next post), or some other meat if I have a run planned after work or something else that requires me not being hungry. Also since I found the whole cauliflower pizza thing, I often make the crust into small loafs and bring them as snacks.

Just a few suggestions, hope it helps.

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