Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Getting back on track...

So it's been a while since my last post due to a family visit from my "not the least bit paleo" parents. Always great to see them, but it means that I kinda put the training and eating part on hold for the weekend.

So Monday I was determined to get back on track in every way - never be determined to do anything that is pretty much the same as hybris and the world will punish you for it ;-). Messed up my alarm clock Monday and got up way too late for my morning workout, so just had to go straight to work. Was still dead tired when I got home so I figured I would take a nap before the evening workout, woke up 4 hour later just in time for my bedtime pretty much... So the only thing I trained yesterday was my ability to sleep, which I'm pretty sure won't be a requirement on race day...

As for the diet part it actually went ok, but not like I had planned. Had gotten my act together Sunday evening and made omelet muffins to last a few days and also lunch to last a few days.

So my lunch yesterday (and today) was no potato salad with chicken breast which was incredibly easy to make and really delicious. My mom brought fresh tomatoes and cucumber from her green house which was the icing on the cake.

Yesterday I had almond pancakes as a pre workout meal, which then ended up being my dinner since I slept through both the workout and my dinner. I had some sugar free syrup with them, which is definitely not paleo, but hey a girls gotta live a little. They were definitely very good, and I'm sure they would be great as fuel on the days where I have a very long workout and would normally eat oatmeal to make sure I get enough energy.

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