Saturday, August 14, 2010

Intermittend Fasting day

So after some great days with friends from back home (and their small bundle of joy) not really thinking to much of food and exercise it is time to get back to reality. This has been hindered a little by the fact that I ended their visit by getting a tattoo on the hip, making the whole running thing a bit difficult until I can wear running tights again :-). But hey I needed my friend to hold my hand.

So yesterday I went for a long walk which definitely doesn't suit my temper, but I guess it was better than nothing. Should have been out walking today as well, but it has been pouring down all day, so just stayed inside relaxing on the couch underneath a warm blanket - life is good.

So since I new I couldn't run today I figured it was a good day to practice intermittent fasting. I have done this before and really like how it makes me feel, so as long as my training schedule doesn't interfere with this I am going incorporate this into my week.

I stopped eating yesterday at 6pm and then went 24 hours without eating until today at 6pm. I really haven't been hungry today, I guess the whole "doing nothing all day" might influence that. At 6pm I had Paleo meat loaf with roasted green beans.

In Denmark we normally make a variant of this dish by using ground pork and then wrapping it in bacon instead of topping it with barbecue sauce. Definitely two very different dishes, but both tastes really great. In the meal loaf I used coconot milk insted of almond milk since the latter is rather difficult to find in the danish stores.

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