Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chicken Mediterranean

So the last few days have been rather quiet, due to yet another visitor - hopefully everything will get back to normal once the summer is over. Anyway I made Grilled Chicken Mediterranean with roasted asparagus for dinner Saturday night. I really like finding new ways to cook chicken, since the normal grilled chicken is rather bland in the long run, and this was definitely an easy version.

Saturday night I went for cocktails with a friend, nothing paleo about that, but really really delicious and definitely good for the soul (or the first few were anyway - after that it probably got a bit blurry). So normally I would end up eating a fallafel or kebab on the way home since drinking kinda brings up the "I need bad food with tons of salt" in me, but instead I made it all the way home and then had my left over lunch for very early breakfast. Always good to eat something before crashing after a night like that, makes the next day a lot easier...

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