Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good things comes to those who wait

So yesterday after my evening run I had planned to make paleo beef stew. But since I really didn't feel like eating at all, which is rather common after a run I decided not to force it and just eat something light later if I felt like it. But since the meat was already thawed and ready to use I kinda had to make the dish anyhow since I absolutely hate throwing away food.

So I prepped all the ingredients, threw them into the pot and let it simmer for a few hours until I had to go to bed. So when I warmed it up again this evening and served it with paleo rice (cauliflower) it was absolutely delicious. The meat was so tender that it almost fell apart and the wine/tomato flawor was just delish. As I have mentioned before I'm a rather impatient cook, but I'm definitely learning a thing or two about giving the food the time it needs. Since I'm not really a wine drinker (give me a mojito anytime) i froze the leftover wine into ice cubes to be used in dishes in the future. That way the fishes won't get drunk on my behalf. I made enough stew to last me through dinner tonight as well as lunch and dinner tomorrow.

For desert I had some unsweetened applesauce with coconut flour on top, very simple and very fresh tasting. Another great dessert that I also got from is frozen blueberries with almond butter. The recipe actually calls for normal blueberries, but since it is summer the frozen version makes it an almost ice cream like treat. Unfortunately the berries I bought wasn't that sweet, but I fixed this by adding a few drops of sweatener (even though that probably isn't allowed).

Today's exercise was a 30min strength training routine carried out in the safety of mu own home. This way the only one looking was my cat and she doesn't make fun of me - that I know about anyway.

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