Monday, August 16, 2010

Cacao Nip Pork Chops

So my tattoo excuse doesn't really count anymore since it's not that sore anymore, so I'm back to working out like normal - or almost. I can't go to the pool or in the lake due to bleaching and infection, so I'm stuck with biking and running for now. I eased into it all with a 30min yoga workout today and it definitely felt a lot better than it looked - I'm really not the graceful swan kinda type. Also today was another day of IMF which went without any problems what so ever. It's amazing how you can go a whole day and not be hungry, but it is probably a consequence of the steep decline in training hours that has followed my back problems.

For dinner I had cacao nip pork chops with green beans. But I ended up with a rather different variation I think. Since it's still summer in Denmark butternut squash is non existent in the danish stores, so the salad thing that was to be served with the pork chops got canceled. Instead I spiced up the green beans by adding carrots, red onions and cherry tomatoes to get more vegetables into the dish. Also I kinda missed the "nip" part of cacao nip so just used normal cacao as a spice. All in all it tasted great. This is the great thing about something like - you get all these different recipes and if you have an open mind you will taste some great food that you wouldn't have thought of othervise.

Next time I'll follow the recipe and see what the difference is.

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