Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being followed by rain clouds...

So today was a very long day, another twice a day of workout fun. Got up at 5am to bike 30km to the pool. Got a bit lost on the way - should definitely not be allowed to leave the house without satellite surveillance - so was a bit late and only had time for a 2km swim. After the swim I had a 10km ride to work, and the I had a 30km ride home at the end of the work day. Pretty much had blue skies to the left, right and behind me, while the ones above me weren't that nice. So had some very fun 20 km in pouring rain.

I didn't eat until I got to work, which was no problem at all since my body was pretty much still asleep and not really going into morning mode. At work I had a omelet muffin and two bananas for breakfast. Then 2 pieces of fruit before lunch where I had the leftovers from yesterday. After lunch I had some trail mix and that kept me going until I got home. My pre workout meal was one more omelet and a banana. For dinner today the plan said chili and roasted beans, which was pretty fantastic considering how cold I was after the bike ride. I normally don't have the patience to let my chili cook for very long, but since the recipe called for an hour of simmering I figured I should actually try following it. Great choise, this is definitely the best chili I have ever made, even though that might not really say much. The roasted beans are the same as I made a few days ago, but they are so good and so easy to make that they will definitely show up as a side very often.

Once again I have made enough to have for lunch and dinner tomorrow, making the day a bit easier.

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