Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi there

So this is a bit late into the season, but I kinda figured that the better late than never thing would work well as an excuse. I'm planning on doing a half ironman on the 29th of August, if everything goes as planned, which it actually isn't right now do to some back problems that I can hopefully get under control with some massage treatment and alot of stretching.

I'm not thin as a beanstalk, I'm not fast and I'm actually not crazy - I just love working out. And the fantastic thing about triathlon is that it combines 3 great sports so you don't have to do the same thing day after day.

Up until now the training has actually gone ok, but due to a crappy spring in Denmark my biking is rather weak. This hit me big time when I actually did the bike course a few weeks back. The HIM is held in a very hilly part of Denmark (yeah I know Denmark is flat as a board but when your not used to anything else a few hills can still knock the breath out of you). So the course was tough, not impossible but still I'm contemplating if I'll spend to much time on the bike to finish in the allowed time frame of 7.5 hour. This is not going to stop med though, if I'm not injured when the time comes I'll do it anyway just to say to myself that I have done it.

But the trial ride was an eye opener. So I have changed my plans a bit to include hill intervals on most of my bike rides, do more long runs, and improve my brick workouts (bike followed by running). Also since I'm not a thin as a stick due to very bad eating habits, I'm going to do a modified Paleo to shed a few pounds which should make my running faster and easier.

When I was looking around for inspiration on the diet part I was missing something about what people were eating during the day to still have enough energy to train etc, so I figured I would be the one to do that - or at least try!!!

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