Saturday, July 24, 2010


So this ended up being my day of from training due to a bunch of work. Most of the day went well still but had fell into the sugar craving in the evening and had an ice cream. Nothing to do about that now but to get right back on track tomorrow. So I guess I managed almost 4 days on track - damn my lack of a spine - but from tomorrow I'm going to beat that - that's the goal.

Anyway still had some great dishes during the day.
Breakfast was sausage stir fry which was a really quick and easy recipe that will come in handy during the week.

Lunch/dinner was paleo style chicken alfredo with roasted green beans. I use squash instead of the noodles mentioned - mostly because I had absolutely no idea what they were but also I actually really like using squash as a substitue since it tastes great and gives me an extra dose of greens. The picture might not look all that inviting, but I guarantee you it was so so good. I'm already looking foreward to having it for lunch tomorrow.

Try it out folks!!!

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