Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday tiredness

So didn't post anything yesterday because I didn't cook anything at all. I had so much work that needed to be done by Monday so I just ate whatever leftover I could find in the fridge. I still got two small workouts in which was great, a 30 min yoga dvd that is seriously kicking my ass and a 7km run in a nice and easy pase. I'm trying out the whole yoga thing to see if it will help with my back problems. I have even gone to such drastic measures as to start stretching after a workout, which my patience was never really up to before.

Today was a twice a day'er, meaning I took the bike to work and home again. I pretty much just stumble out of bed and into my biking gear and then I do the 30km drive on an empty stomach. I really don't have a problem with doing morning workouts on an empty stomach since I'm normally out so early that I'm not really hungry yet.
After the workout I eat an banana and some chicken pretty much straight of the bike to aid in restitution. The rest of the day an apple, an orange, a salad with chicken and some trail mix to keep the energy going, and then a banana an hour before my bike ride home. This was fine to keep me going through the 50km hill workout that was planned. After the workout I had a banana to get e few carbohydrates in while making dinner: Chez Lorraine's Baked Salmon with a side salad made of spinach, tomatoes, avocado, unions and apple with a homemade oil/vinegar dressing. Made a double portion to bring to work tomorrow.

While the salmon was in the oven I made a batch of omelet muffins to bring for breakfast on the days where I'm training early in the morning and going straight to work afterward.

So right now I'm going to enjoy a few hours on the couch with a very good conscience.

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