Friday, January 14, 2011

Toad in the Hole Almond Trout

So the recipe that I tried out a few days ago was called Toad in the Hole Almond Trout. Quite a name if you ask me, but that just makes it all the more interesting. So I went to the local fish market and bought two small trouts with the head and everything. I have never made an entire fish before, and half a year ago I definitely would not have just tried this out. This is such a great thing about getting the meal plan from paleoplan each week, I just try to make the new dishes that they send me no matter how strange it sounds, and so far I haven't tried anything that I didn't like.
I decided to bake the fish instead of frying it. Baking often makes the meat more juicy and that way the filling stayed inside the fish.

I just gave it 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees.

The end result was really great, very juicy meat that didn't have that fishy taste that trout often has. Definitely going to make that again next time they have trout at the market.

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