Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back to being a lazy kid

So as I mentioned in my last post I am visiting my parents this week. It is amazing how you get home and immediately become a lazy teenager again. My parents have one of those magic households where the clothes wash themselves, the fridge refills by itself and dinner miraculously appear on the table at night... Needless to say I am not doing much cooking at all, which is the reason for the lack of posts. Just before leaving I got the Primal Blueprint cookbook by mail, and I am really looking forward to trying out some of the dishes. It is filled with pictures, and I really love cookbooks where you can pretty much eat the pages, so something to look forward to.

I haven't been to great with the exercise part of my plan, but did do 3 crossfit sessions, 2 runs and one long walk with my friend, so thats okay. Today I had a great run, it was one of those early autumn days where the sun is shining and the temperature is almost warm. We have a small forest nearby so I had a great hill workout and then a small Crossfit session afterwards. Since I'm back home I don't really track my intake, but I'll try to at least post my meals the following week, as well as my workouts, other than that I am just going to enjoy being spoiled a bit without feeling the least bit guilty.

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