Friday, October 28, 2011

Whole30 Day 3

So the plan was to take pictures of all the meals I eat during this whole30, but due to bad lightening and iphone pictures I gave up on that today. I still did fine though, just pretty much ate the same stuff as I did yesterday. Stir fry with 2 eggs, chicken and leftover roasted curried cauliflower for breakfast/lunch. A big bowl of chili for dinner and then I snacked (a bit too much) on almonds.

I had a great run this evening, thats the only great thing about Saint Louis getting colder. Ran 6.4 miles (10.5 km). This weekend I am going to visit my former host family in Pennsylvania so I will not be doing any picture taking of food this weekend. Will however still update on the food front. Then I am definitely finding a camera next week, something with a flash would definitely do wonders...

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