Saturday, March 05, 2011

Getting back on the blog track...

So it has been forever and a day since my last post since time has just been flying by. My new training regime is going really well except for just having had pneumonia and therefor done nothing but ie in my bed whining... I am such a guy when I'm sick, know for sure that I am as close to dying as ever, almost wrote down my will but felt two tired!!!
Anyway I am getting back to normal again, had a nice run this morning in sun and plus degrees so that definitely lifted the spirits op again.

On the paleo part of life I just bought the Paleo Cookbook and am looking very much foreward to trying out all the delicious recipes in it. I actually hate cookbooks where there is no pictures, but then I thought that was a great opportunity to make some pictures myself. One of the authors behind the book is Nell Stephenson who does paleo nutrition consulting for athletes. She has a great blog and it is definitely worth a read. I wish I had the money to hire her, but until I do I can make do with all her great recipes. For now I will just post the pictures since I'm not sure what the rules are regarding copying from published books. So after this mornings run I had Wild Salmon Delight for breakfast. Very tasty but a bit strange to be eating "dinner" at breakfast. The salmon gives you a bunch of omega 3's, more than twice the required amount of vitamin D and vitamin B12 - who can say no to that? At dinner I made Paleo Chicken in a Pot with arugula and avocado salad. The recipe originally called for rasberries but my local store had blueberries on sale so I just switched the two which was fantastic. They were so sweet and tasted fantastic together with the bitter arugula and the creamy avocado. The chicken turned out great as well, and since I made it from an entire chicken I will probably be eating the left overs for a while...

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