Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What the ....

So this is just going to be a quick post since I found this both funny and sad. I was in the gym for my crossfit workout Monday and noticed a note hanging in the lounging area:

For the early risers - the gym will serve free breakfast bread every Friday from 7-9.30.

It is just so funny that you see a note like this at your gym, but it's actually even more sad that this is how they try to get people to go to the gym. Just needed to get that out there.

On a side note Mondays workout was:
8 min of:
7 pushups (done on one leg due to bad knee ;-))
7 Ball squats (or what ever they are called)

Bonus Tabata:
8 rounds:
Ball throws
Sit ups

And I'm still sore today

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