Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spicy pork chops with oven baked greens

So time is just absolutely flying by and I havnt been too great at posting. The main reason is that I have been waiting a lot of oldie but goldies so nothing new and exciting on the dinner front. But yesterday I got my act together and made something new, once again from The plan was to make spicy breaded pork chops with roast squash and red onions. I am going home to my parents for the weekend so I just added some red and yellow peppers to clean out the fridge. Very delicious, seems like most things get better if you dip them in almonds or wrap them in bacon. That should be a rule to live by.

I'm still loving the whole CrossFit thing, although so far I'm only going twice a week due to severe soreness afterwards. I am trying to figure out how I can incorporate these workouts into my triathlon program, but luckily that is not a concern until February when the real training begins. Talking about training I just bought a home trainer. So right now I have my road bike standing in front of my tv in my 16 square meter living room - a bit crowded but hey what do I need all that room for anyways... Unfortunately I have just found out that my bicycle repair skills are just as bad as I thought, meaning that the last time I fixed my flat tire I didn't do such a great job, resulting in a rather bumpy ride. Good thing I have can take the thing home and get my dad to fix it and I can start training next week... So there will be an update next week...

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